Why the Browns will regret drafting Baker Mayfield


By Jaidev Pant
Apr. 28, 2018

I can’t believe that the Browns selected Baker Mayfield. I really can’t. I never knew how idiotic a franchise could be until Baker Mayfield was selected. It’s like they didn’t know that Sam Darnold was in the draft. There are just so many reasons why the Browns made the biggest mistake in the draft. Let’s just start off with the fact that he has the highest bust potential in the draft. His game is the most like Johnny Manziel and he is like Johnny Manziel and we all know how much of a bust that Manziel is. With a franchise like the Browns, you need to take safe players, not the ones who are most likely to flop in the NFL. They have had 28 quarterbacks since 1999. 28! You can’t keep taking risks when you haven’t been able to figure out the quarterback position. You should have taken the safe pick, Sam Darnold. Darnold was the home run pick of the draft. He had the least bust potential out of all of the quarterbacks in the draft. Also, Baker Mayfield has so many off the field issues it is insane. Let’s talk about his interactions on the field when he planted the flag at Ohio State and when he grabbed his crotch and swore at the Kansas Football Program. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want a cocky quarterback like that. He knew that it was going to be a blowout, but he still decided to grab his crotch in the game. Also, when you beat a team like Ohio State, you must be decently humble when you win, but Baker Mayfield decided to plant a flag. Would Tom Brady ever do that? No. In fact, I don’t think any good quarterback would ever do that. Baker Mayfield is an arrogant and cocky player who’s on the field behavior is like Johnny Manziel’s. You would think that his only issues would have to do with football only, but wait there’s more. The day before the draft, he posts a picture of him mimicking Brett Favre. He is not even close to Brett Favre in terms of quarterback talent. If anything, it should have been Darnold recreating that photo because he is the one who actually has Brett Favre level talent. There was no need to recreate that photo, but he had to because it was just Baker being classic Baker. Let’s talk about the fact that he resisted arrest and was arrested on February 27, 2017. That was when he was a junior. A junior! I understand a young freshman making that mistake, but not someone who is about to be a senior leader on a great football team. I don’t know about you, but the QB I want to take would not run away from police. I mean it’s just embarrassing. The number one pick in the draft has a video of him resisting arrest. It’s like the Browns forgot that this video ever existed. Baker Mayfield simply has too much baggage, which is why I think the Browns made a terrible mistake. Now I know what your thinking. You probably think that I am an idiot because I am only criticizing his personality and decisions, not his actual game. While I think that he is a great college quarterback, I can still find some flaws in his game. Both Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield participated in the combine this year. Darnold got a prospect grade of 7, while Baker got a grade of 6.04. 6.04 means that you’ll be an instant starter according to the criteria. That’s not bad, but wait until you hear what they gave Darnold. They gave him a 7, which means that he is a pro-bowl caliber player. The Browns just passed up a pro-bowl caliber player. Those players do not come around that often, especially at the quarterback position. Also, Mayfield was a system quarterback in college who played in the spread offense. The spread offense does not translate well to the NFL because the NFL mainly runs the pro-style offense. Baker will have to learn how to adjust his game in order to be successful at the next level. I just don’t think he will be able to do that. Let’s now talk about his height. He is a short guy whose height does not match up to the others in the draft. He is just not tall enough to be a NFL quarterback and it will be hard for him to throw over those large linemen in the NFL. Of course now, because of Russell Wilson, we ignore this as a problem because he made it work. Let’s not forget how athletic Russell Wilson is. Baker is nothing close to Wilson athletically. It’s not like Baker will be able to get out of the pocket easily and get enough separation to release the ball. Even Drew Brees had a better combine than Mayfield did. When you are shorter, you need to have athleticism. It’s just how life works. For his size, Baker Mayfield is not athletic enough, which is why his height is a big concern for me. Currently, I think that Tyrod Taylor is going to win the quarterback battle in Cleveland. He is more talented right now and will make sure that if Baker beats him, he will have play as hard as he can. So now Baker Mayfield will be sitting out a year on the bench. Do you think that his personality can handle? I really don’t think it can and he will become frustrated and will be a distraction for the Browns. Now I am going to talk about who Baker is and why historically, you should have not drafted him. He is a Heisman winning quarterback who played in the Big 12. Let’s start off with the Big 12 part. Big 12 quarterbacks have historically not worked in the NFL. There are currently 2 quarterbacks who played in the Big 12 in the NFL. The best quarterback in the NFL and the BIG 12(only) is Sam Bradford, who is going to lose his starting job to Josh Rosen. This conference just does not produce good quarterbacks, but the PAC 12 does. Sam Darnold is a PAC 12 quarterback. The conference has produced talented quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, and Jared Goff. The Big 12 is the conference that does not produce NFL quarterbacks, yet the Browns still took Baker. Also, Baker won the Heisman this year, which to most people is seen as a bonus to him. Historically, this is not true and should hurt his draft stock. The last Heisman quarterback to win a super bowl was Jim Plunkett in 1983. These winners simply do not work in the NFL. In my opinion, this should be a much bigger concern about Baker. These winners do not win super bowls. I don’t know about the Cleveland Browns, but I’m pretty sure that the goal for most organizations is to win the super bowl. Historically, it seems very unlikely that Baker Mayfield can do that. Who knows, maybe Baker Mayfield could have been a great player in the NFL, but now that he is on the Browns I think that it is most likely that his career is ruined. Not only does he have baggage and other issues, but also he is going to play for the Cleveland Browns. The Cleveland Browns! They are the joke of the NFL. He is going to receive absolutely no help this year. He will have no protection out all and will be playing for an offensive line that gave up 50 sacks last year, while Baker’s o-line gave up around half of that last year. He is playing for a loser franchise that will most likely be drafting in the top ten next year. I think that if he is successful in the NFL, he will need a lot of help from the talent on his team. Early in his career, Baker Mayfield will have to play with barely any talent on his team. Baker Mayfield is not good enough to turn around a franchise like the Browns, which is why I think he will be a bust. The Browns have really made a huge mistake. They should have taken Sam Darnold in the draft. The Browns have made one of the biggest mistakes ever and will regret taking Baker Mayfield with the number one pick.