Learn 3 amazing beginner football skills | cool street flick ups


Learn 3 awesome football flick ups to use on the street. In today’s video we go to Marseille to attend the launch of the brand new Marseille home shirt with PUMA football – and we also took the chance to go out into the epic streets of Marseille to teach you guys 3 awesome football flick ups that you should learn to impress your friends and that can work as a beginning move in a freestyle trick. The three flick ups are relatively easy to do but very effective, and today we’ll teach you how to land the football tricks in order to impress your friends and people passing by. Street football is becoming more and more wide spread, so it’s always cool to have some tricks up your sleeve to make sure you can look cool – and today we’ll teach you how to get 3 more awesome flick ups in your locker as JayMike and Nate will guide you through all the flick up tricks and how to learn them.

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