Confirmed: Priyanka Chopra Has Secured Her Fascinator For the Royal Wedding


Those potential royal wedding guests are really keeping us guessing. Priyanka Chopra was originally thought to be a one of Meghan Markle’s bridesmaids — she’d previously hinted that she might be — but she’s since stated that this is not the case. (Who are they? They’re all keeping very tight-lipped about it all, but we do know that Kate Middleton is out of the running).

However, it’s been confirmed that Priyanka is definitely attending the royal wedding as a guest, and she just visited the iconic Philip Treacy for a hat fitting! Looks like she got her crash course in fascinators ahead of the big day — Treacy has made some of the most memorable looks for the royals. She also adorably told People, “I have to wear a hat to this thing I’m going to soon, and a friend of mine recommended a fascinator, and I didn’t know what that meant, so I Googled, ‘What is the meaning of a fascinator?'”

One thing’s for sure: she probably didn’t have trouble finding an appropriate dress. Her chic style is already on point for the royal wedding dress code. She loves a floral midi dress, but perhaps she’ll opt for another of her go-to looks, a bright skirt and blouse combo instead? As we wait to see who’ll be the best-dressed guest, take a look at some of Priyanka’s previous outfits. Maybe we can glean a few clues about her outfit on the day from these wedding-appropriate looks?