2018 NFL Draft 1st Round Overview


By Troy Solar
Apr. 27, 2018

With a wild first day at the NFL Draft, there were a lot of surprises, expected picks, and some unpredictable trades that has happened. There were also some bad picks and some bad trades that went on in the NFL Draft. Either way the draft was fun to watch and very entertaining to watch, now here’s what I think of the NFL Draft.

Biggest Surprise Pick: Baker Mayfield

Nobody really projected him to be the number 1 pick in the draft. Most people had him as high as a 3 pick or as low as a top 10 pick. Honestly I like this pick because he is the best QB in this draft and the Browns need that franchise QB they have been looking for a long time. Lets just hope this isn’t a Johnny Manziel 2.0.

Best Pick in the draft: Bradley Chubb

This is a great pick in the draft because now the Broncos have Von Miller and Bradly Chubb on the D-line. That’s a QBs worst nightmare. With this pick, the Broncos defense will still remain strong.

Player Most Likley to be a bust: Josh Alen

Don’t get me wrong, Josh Allen has a great arm, just with little accuracy. I love the pick by Buffalo and trading up for him but, the Bills don’t really have any great weapons for him to be a great player in the draft. When or if they get those players needed for Allen to be good, he won’t be a great player in the NFL.

Worst Pick in the draft: Rashaad Penny

Rashaad Penny is a great RB for any team, except the Seahawks. The Seahawks have so much worse need like at OL or DB they have let go. Not to knock on Penny but there are so many other back the Seahawks could have taken in the draft. Love the player but hate the team he went to.